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Selling your Home During the Covid-19 Pandemic

It’s been a crazy summer this year as we all struggle with accepting the ‘new normal’ of COVID-19. Here, in Peterborough, luckily, we’ve not had many cases and in many ways, we’re seeing components of the “old ways” return. My gym has re-opened yet I’ve chosen to pursue my fitness outdoors, enjoying the amazing weather we’ve experienced this summer. However, the opening of cafe’s and outdoor dining has been an absolute gift; I’m often outside and enjoying Peterborough’s great selection of cuisine!

Just as the gyms and cafe’s are offering revised services that are intended to provide customers with enhanced safety and security, so has the Real Estate industry. As licensed realtors, we’re provided with guidelines and protocols that have been established to address COVID-19 safety concerns. While these protocols cover the basics of screening, surface contamination, and controlled access, it’s largely left up to each realtor to ensure they’re doing everything possible to limit exposure.

What’s interesting to note is that while COVID has introduced very real concerns for client safety, it’s also a major factor in driving prices up across the region. From waterfront cottages and rural properties to residential homes within town, I’m personally being contacted by many buyers in the GTA region looking for houses and property in Peterborough and the Kawartha’s. As a marketing professional, I ask myself – why are these clients looking to purchase homes and cottages in the Peterborough area? what features are they seeking? how can I position my client’s properties to appeal to this market segment? I’m happy to share a few of my tips (the others you’ll just have to contact me and allow me to buy you a coffee to discuss).

  1. Community. Having been born and raised in Peterborough, I think it’s easy to take for granted just how beautiful our region really is. I know I’m guilty and likely, so are you. I often ask listing clients – have you ever travelled up the Liftlocks? Been to the Peterborough Petroglyphs? Hiked the trails at Trent? Cycled to the Trestle Bridge? The fact is these out-of-town buyers have chosen Peterborough for reasons that I feel are often linked to the quality of life and the connection to the outdoors. It’s important to remember this when developing a listing strategy.
  2. Competition. COVID-19 has created pressure on real state markets across Ontario as people seek to leave the more populated areas of the GTA. It’s created competition based on the imbalance between supply and demand. There are many different techniques to ensuring we can obtain the best offer for your property including ‘holding’ offers. It’s extremely effective in some market segments but it can also fail in others. It’s important to understand when and how to leverage this technique.
  3. Communication. Digital communication platforms have advanced to the point where they can be much easier for sellers to sign and acknowledge paperwork than meeting in person. Not only do they offer enhanced speed and convienence, but they also provide instant digital copies of documents which in turn can be emailed to professionals including banks, lawyers, partners, etc.. Certainly for those who are not comfortable with this technology, I’m all too happy to meet in person with printed paperwork. However for many, platforms like DocuSign are preferred, especially since they are mobile device friendly as well. Not all realtors are experienced using these platforms – be sure to ask.

These are a few simple tips that are important when considering the listing of your home in Peterborough or the Kawartha’s during COVID-19. At the heart of this decision is the need to ensure your families protection while minimizing stress. I’m all too aware of how selling your home can seem overwhelming and that’s why I offer an all inclusive service promise that includes a professional home inspection, a staging and design expert, excellent photography, social media marketing and negotiated commission rates, all assembled within a comprehensive marketing strategy. If you’d like to discuss the selling of your home, please do not hesitate to contact me directly at 1.705.933.9191

Of course, the usual – not intended to solicit those under contract with other realtors, but fully intended to assist those seeking exceptional real estate marketing services.